Benelli Air Pistols - Kite

Benelli Air Pistols - Kite
Manufacturer: Benelli
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The latest version of the Benelli Kite pistol adopts important technical and technological solutions:

  • Loading supplied by an interchangeable magazine located under the barrel, fitted with a gauge showing the remaining pressure;
  • Anatomical grip fitted as standard with adjustable hand rest in three sizes, large, medium and small for both right and left-handed marksmen;
  • The cocking system uses a mechanism and a trigger that can be customised which guarantee stability and accuracy when firing;
  • The newly designed back-sight allows adjustment for range, elevation and drift adjustments, even free hand.

Available models:

  • KITEBLACK - Benelli Kite Black
  • KITEBLUE - Benelli Kite Blue

Technical specifications:

  • Total length 433 mm
  • Height 150 mm
  • Width 150 mm
  • Weight without cylinder 800 gr Lothar Walther barrel, right hand riflling 450 mm pitch 12 twist
  • Barrel length 240 mm
  • Length of sight line (mm) 365/350/335
  • Trigger action Mechanical, adjustable (stroke and weight of 1st and 2nd phase, trigger stop)